Why MBA Is The Business You Have To Start TODAY…

Warning! Please leave now if:

– you’re looking for a push of a button system that brings you money overnight

– you are looking for guru ninja secrets (that do not work anyway)

– you will just read this and not take any action

– you prefer watching TV instead of putting 1h of work

If any of these apply to you, please do yourself a favor and leave now. Go read your favorite guru’s bs and pay him for ninja secrets that do not work.

If you are REALLY prepared to run a real business and if you will REALLY take action, carefully read on. This is what you’ve been looking for all this time…

How can you earn money running a real business online?

We’ll be talking about real legit business models you can run from your own bedroom. Don’t expect some push of a button system or gimmicks to make money online. I’m insisting on this because working from home is usually viewed as some gimmick system because of the bs tricks gurus claim to have and sell to you. But you’re smarter than that…

Let’s start by reviewing the classical business models. It’s very important to understand them, so you can see the power of the new business model presented. If you are familiar with them you can skip this (but you’ll still benefit if you read it).

Do you know what print on demand (POD) is?

You are probably familiar with Teespring. If not, print on demand means you upload designs to a platform. These designs will be printed on t-shirts and sold to people. The t-shirts are produced only after someone buys them from your website, so you don’t need to pay for inventory upfront.

PROS:  You don’t have to pay for upfront stock

CONS: You have to drive traffic yourself, buying ads.

Buying targeted traffic is expensive and there’s no guarantee you will make any sales. Even if you get sales it’s even more complicated to be worth the advertising costs (You will end up paying more for ads than the profit you’ll get for sales).

Do you know why gurus sell you courses about this? Because they made money (the few who did) when advertising was cheaper. Now they only make money selling you a system that’s no longer profitable.

Do you know droppshipping?

The easiest and usual setup is creating a Shopify store where you list products from China (AliExpress being the most popular source).

While you can sell a more diversified variety of products than POD, there are basically the same disadvantages as with POD.

PROS:  You don’t have to pay for upfront stock

CONS: You have to drive traffic yourself, buying ads.

                         You still have to pay for the items.

                         You have to handle refunds (which are high because of long waiting times) and returned items.

                         Long waiting times for customers (4 – 6 weeks for products to arrive from China)

                         Shopify + App fees

Do you know what FBA is?

Another way to sell online is using the Amazon regular seller account. Your products will be listed on Amazon and people can search for them. You will get organic traffic, but you have to handle the orders yourself.

PROS:  You don’t have to pay for advertising.

CONS: You have to pay for stock.

                        You have to handle shipping.

                        FBA costs $39.99 a month

This can still work very well. The main downside is that you have to buy inventory upfront (you can not dropship because you have to deliver items in a few days). While you don’t have to pay for advertising (because Amazon is HUGE and has so much free organic traffic), your products might be in a saturated market or worst, in a market with no demand.

Wouldn’t it be sweet to have all the advantages from these models and combine them into something great?

What would that mean?

First of all, not buying upfront stock without knowing if there’s any market for it.

Having access to Amazon’s millions of customers for free, by having your items listed there

Not handling the customer service, and only get paid your part of the profits.

And so on…

Print on Demand + FBA = Love

What if Print on Demand and FBA made love and had a baby? What if I tell you they did?

Are you still thinking this is anything like Teespring or Droppshipping? That’s what Will thought. Read his email to see what he thinks now:

When POD + FBA = Love

Then a game changing platform is created. It combines the power of the two business models to create something that’s insane.

Let’s look at some examples:

These are t-shirts sold using the MBA Platform.
What will you have to do? – Just come up with phrase ideas to be printed on t-shirts

How it works:
  • Come up with a phrase idea (like: “Ok, But First Footbal”)
  • Upload your phrase. It will automatically create a t-shirt listing on the Amazon store with that phrase (like the ones you saw above)
  • People searching for “football t-shirts” on Amazon store will see your design and buy it
  • Amazon handles the promotion, production, shipping, customer care, etc.
  • You get paid a royalty for each sale

Why MBA Is The Business You Have To Start TODAY…

What’s the business blueprint mentioned in the video?

This is the only STEP BY STEP guide you’ll ever need, from people who run this business successfully themselves and for students and friends who do it too.

The books cover all the processes WE PERSONALLY USE DAILY, that allowed us, our families and our students to generate five figures monthly incomes from Amazon. (Watch the video from our student, if you cheated and skipped it)

What does it cover:

  1. Getting approved! Do not wait for 6 months and waste precious time when it’s possible to get approved faster with a proper application letter!
  2. Create your first design in 5 minutes…for FREE! You don’t need to pay for expensive designers or programs. The best part is that you don’t need to know or have any graphical skills at all!
  3. How to create only designs that sell! Why waste time on experimenting with ideas that don’t sell when we already have a system to generate unlimited ideas that sell?
  4. Protecting your business! Nothing is worse than losing your account because you infringed on others copyrights by mistake.
  5. How to use the MBA platform at full potential!
  6. Finding keywords with lots of searches to generate more sales!
  7. Pricing strategies to boost sales by 300%!
  8. Tons of pro tips, strategies and secretes!

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